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Gather dices as many as the spots! Score up as much as you can!
같은 주사위를 눈 개수만큼 모아 높은 점수를 얻어 보세요!


  1. If the dices are gathered adjacently exactly as many as (and no more than) the spots, they will be removed and you get score. (1, 2’s will not remove themselves)
    같은 주사위를 정확히 눈 개수만큼 인접하게 배치하면 사라지고 점수가 올라갑니다. (1과 2는 없어지지 않습니다.)
  2. Placing dice onto another will add their spots.
    주사위를 다른 주사위 위에 놓으면 두 주사위의 눈을 더합니다.
  3. If the spots exceed 12, the dice will become a obstacle.
    주사위 눈이 12를 초과하면 장애물이 됩니다.
  4. You cannot place dices onto obstacles.
    장애물 위에는 주사위를 놓을 수 없습니다.
  5. If you cannot place anything because of obstacles (or run out of space smirk), the game ends.
    장애물 때문에 더 이상 주사위를 놓을 수 없으면, 게임이 종료됩니다.
  6. You don’t have much time to think because the dices will place themselves in 10~20 seconds depending of the difficulty.
    하지만 오래 생각할 시간이 없습니다. 난이도에 따라 10~20초가 지나면 강제로 주사위가 설치됩니다.


  • W/A/S/D/Arrow: Move dices, 이동.
  • Q/R: Rotate dices counter-/clockwise, 시계/반시계 방향으로 회전.
  • R: Flip dices upside down, 상하 반전.
  • F: Mirror dices, 좌우 반전.
  • Spacebar, Return: Place dices, 주사위 놓기.
  • Esc: Exit the game, 게임 종료

Thanks to GameJamCurator who played and curated this game.


0.0.2_ko_KR (latest) 2 MB
0.0.1_en_US 2 MB

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Bloody hell, that was a very compelling strategy / puzzle game. :D In my first attempt, I did not realize that I can also rotate and rotate the dice, so I tried it again and reached over 2,900 points. :) I like the game concept very well and that's why I recommended the game on our blog in an article and uploaded a gameplay video. <3 Good luck with the ratings at Ludum Dare 42!

Best wishes,


Thank you so much for the recommendation of my game! As this is my first entry to the open game jam, you are reviewing my debut game. AWESOME! If you have reached the difficulty hard, you are officially very good at this game. XD